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Appsolute Sport Supports Lincoln Swimming Clubs

Special Offers for Lincoln Swimmers and their Families

Intense Training

Personal and Small Group Training 

Apposolute Provides Personal Training and Small Group Training designed to fit individual needs. Why not give us a call to chat about your own or your childs requirements.

Back treatment picutre.jpeg

Sports Injury and Massage

Appsolute offers a range of treatments for swimmers who undergo intense training. Deep Oscillation is used by top sport teams around the world as this treatment is recognised as being extemely effective in dealing with a large range of sport related issues. It is also fantastic as a intense massage to aid recovery.

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Full Body Assessment

Apposolute offers a full assessment which looks at joint range of motion, muscle flexibility and stength inbalances. From this a programme will be written to help make the necessary improvements to swim faster.

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